Jenkins-Powell Family Jenkins-Powell Family Marion F. Jenkins 195462668 J.H.,Eva and Marion F. Jenkins 195462669 Marion F. Jenkins Family Janie, Gloria Ann, Brenda Nan and Eva Marie Jenkins 195462670 Marion F. Jenkins 195462671 Jenkins Children 195462672 Janie Ruth Powell Jenkins 195462673 Granddaddy and GrandMa Jenkins Home Court Ave. Spent alot of time at this little home; back in the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Very fond memories of sitting on the small front porch with Granddaddy and GrandMa Jenkins. Christmas time was the best; always had a fire burning in the small fire place. Nothing more special for a child than spending time at Granddaddy and GrandMa's home. 195692660 Rock Hill Church and Cemetery As a child I use to attend this church with my GrandParents, J.H. and Eva Jenkins.(60's) They use to leave the church doors unlocked, myself and my sister's would go inside and play the piano. (of course with our parents permission) My grandparents;J.H. and Eva Jenkins and Uncle Clyde are buried at Rock Hill; along with other extended family members. 195692729 Fun at Fall Into History My grandchildren; Jaycee and Brayson Blanton at the Fall Into History weekend, Chipley, Florida (2012) A good time was had by all. 195692971 Blue Pond My mother, Janie Powell Jenkins(2012) with Jaycee and Brayson Blanton(my grandchildren and my mother's great grandchildren) at Blue Pond, Chipley, Florida. Some great childhood memories spending time at Blue Pond. (swimming, annual fish fry) The Jenkins Family use to have a reunion at Blue Pond, every June; during the Watermelon Fest. weekend. We always looked forward to some of Ross Deal's waterrmelons. 195692978 Ducks at Blue Pond Brayson feeding the ducks at Blue Pond. (2012) 195692913 Falling Waters State Park Brayson enjoyed his visit to Falling Waters State Park. Beautiful park. 195693058 Shivers Park Jaycee enjoyed all the fun things to do at Shivers Park.(2012) 195693086 Jenkins 50th Wedding Reception J.H. and Eva Taylor Jenkins 50th Wedding Reception(1964) at the home of granddaughter; Lottie Gay Parker. 195693152 Janie Powell Jenkins 1940's 195693249 Flower Girl Gloria Ann Jenkins, Flower Girl at the wedding of : Lottie Gay and Tommy Parker. (Chipley, Fl ) 1955 195693342 Powell Family Children of A.R. Powell and Maudie Powell Julia, Tab,Janie,Jimmie,Mona,Betty,Paige,Shirl, Walton,Junior,Bobby.(1950's) 195693301 Fun Times at Blue Pond Jenkins and Wynn Family Marion, Janie and children(Ann, Cissy, Tink) Sonny, Jimmie and children(Mary Lou and Mary Sue) 1950's Bottom Photo: Maudie Powell(Eagle Lake, Florida) with granddaughters(Ann, Sue) and son Bobby. 1953 195693369 J.H. Jenkins Grandaddy Jenkins sitting in his favorite rocking chair. ( Court Ave., Chipley, Florida) 195728210